It’s more important than we can imagine – to address the modern habit of breathing through the mouth (just 400 years in anthropological history).  Air breathed in through the mouth is not prepared, so that cold, unfiltered, dry air reaches the lungs making us more susceptible to infections.  Winter sports athletes have the highest incidence of breathing problems amongst sports people – perhaps because of cold, dry air inhaled through the mouth.

Heavy breathing is more likely if we breathe through the mouth, and, with the consequent loss of CO2, we become oxygen deficient bringing about symptoms such of ADHD, asthma, sleep problems, and those of many other conditions.

Cutting edge dentistry is revealing the effects of mouth breathing on cranio facial development: the tongue needs to sit behind the upper teeth in order for the true healthy shape of the jaw to be formed.  The results of mouth breathing are crooked teeth, more tooth decay, narrow face and even restricted airways.  Dentists are more and more referring children to Buteyko practitioners to learn correct breathing through the nose.

Unblocking the nose is the first exercise taught on Buteyko courses in order that we can breathe through the place that nature intended.  Breathing through the mouth is a habit which can be changed to give us better health and be more attractive!